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League of Legend We couldn’t install a required dependency.

Ever been stuck with the annoying “We couldn’t install a required dependency” error while trying to install League of Legends? Fret not! We’ve got your back with some simple steps to kick that error to the curb and get you back into the game in no time.

Step 1: Temporary Disable Your Firewall

If you’re facing the frustrating “We couldn’t install a required dependency” error, try disabling your firewall temporarily. Firewalls are great for security but sometimes mess with game installations. Here’s how:

Step 2: Temporary Disable All Your Anti-virus

Anti-virus acting up? It might be the culprit. Temporarily disable it:

Don’t forget to turn it back on after installation!

Step 3: Exit the Riot Client

Close the Riot Client entirely before moving forward. Right-click the Riot Client icon in your system tray and select “Close/Exit.” Wait to ensure it’s completely shut down.

Step 4: Navigate to the League of Legends Directory

Go directly to the game’s folder on your computer. Here’s how:

Step 5: Launch the Client Through It

Find “LeagueClient.exe” in the League of Legends folder. Right-click, select “Run as administrator,” and let it do its thing. This direct approach helps in recognizing and installing necessary files.

Step 6: Wait Patiently

The installation will take some time. Let League of Legends do its magic, downloading and verifying any missing files. Patience is key!

Step 7: Exit the League Client

After all files are downloaded, close the League of Legends client. Just click the “X” in the top right corner of the window and confirm the prompt.

Step 8: Launch the Riot Client

Finally, launch the Riot Client. Double-click the Riot Client icon and wait for it to load.

Voila! You’ve conquered the “We couldn’t install a required dependency” error. Now, hit that “Play” button and dive back into the League of Legends action. If you run into more issues, don’t hesitate to contact the League of Legends support team. Happy gaming! 🎮✨


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